Ana was a contestant on Blood vs. Water & Old School vs. New School.

Blood vs. WaterEdit

She appeared on Blood vs. Water with her cousin, Barb.

Voting HistoryEdit

Ana's Voting History
Episode Ana's
Voted Against
1 Mary Ann
2 Khori
3 Carson
4 Somoto Tribe Immune
5 Somoto Tribe Immune
6 Tanner
7 Somoto Tribe Immune
8 Somoto Tribe Immune
9 Somoto Tribe Immune
10 Somoto Tribe Immune
11 Josh Immune
12 Natalie Immune
13 Joey
14 Trent
15 Trey Elizabeth, Trey
16 Gabby Gabby, John
17 Danielle Danielle
Jury Votes
for Ana
Barb, Elizabeth, Josh,
Natalie, Trent, Trey
Winner, Day 39

Old School vs. New SchoolEdit

She returned for Old School vs. New School where she was placed on the 'New School' tribe.

Voting HistoryEdit

Ana's Voting History
Episode Ana's
Voted Against
1 Tongoa Tribe Immune
2 Tongoa Tribe Immune
3 Mikey
4 Tony
5 Tongoa Tribe Immune
6 Tongoa Tribe Immune
7 Tongoa Tribe Immune
8 Tongoa Tribe Immune
9 Jon Damian, Jack, Jen,
Jon, Zach
10 Stevie Immune
11 Damian Damian, Jack, Jen,
12 Zach
Jenn Shaquea
13 Jack
14 Jack Jack
15 Jenn Jenn, Matt, Shaquea
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • She has played a total of 76 days.
  • She is one of 4 people to play multiple seasons and always have "vs" in the title.
  • She and Barb were the longest lasting pair in Blood vs. Water, both of them remaining until day 38.

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