Elliot was a contestant who has appeared on Philippines.


Voting HistoryEdit

Elliot's Voting History
Episode Elliot's
Voted Against
1 Pataya Tribe Immune
2 Jocelyn Jocelyn, Kat
3 Pataya Tribe Immune
4 Pataya Tribe Immune
5 Lapogan Tribe Immune
6 Lapogan Tribe Immune
7 Russell CJ, Destiny, Kurt
8 Lapogan Tribe Immune
9 Destiny Amber
10 Matthew CJ, Matthew
11 CJ
12 Hunter
13 Amber Amber, Dario, Gwen
14 Kat Immune
15 Maleek Dario, Gwen
16 Maleek Maleek, Shaquea
Kurt Dario, Kurt, Shaquea
Voted out, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • He has played a total of 38 days.
  • He received votes at every pre-merge tribal council he attended.
  • He was one of two people to make the merge in Philippines and never be on Manalo.
    • He is the only of those two to not be on the same pre-merge tribe throughout.
  • He is the only person to win an individual immunity challenge to win only once in Philippines.

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