Nathan was a contestant who has appeared on Oceania.


Voting HistoryEdit

Nathan's Voting History
Episode Nathan's
Voted Against
1 Moso Tribe Immune
2 Tammy
3 Moso Tribe Immune
4 Tammy
5 Michelle
6 Troy
7 Landon
8 Mara
9 Nico Alex, Izzy, Jamil,
Nico, Yee
10 Alex
11 Alex Alex, Izzy
12 Aaron Aaron, Ben, Jimmy,
Landon, Vanessa
13 Landon Ben, Jimmy, Landon
14 Vanessa
15 Ben Ben, Jimmy
Yee Yee
Jury Votes
for Nathan
2nd Runner-up, Day 39


  • He has played a total of 39 days.

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