Riley was a contestant who has appeared on Fiji.


Voting HistoryEdit

Riley's Voting History
Episode Riley's
Voted Against
1 Yasawa Tribe Immune
2 Yasawa Tribe Immune
3 Yasawa Tribe Immune
4 Yasawa Tribe Immune
5 Nadi Tribe Immune
6 Nadi Tribe Immune
7 Nadi Tribe Immune
8 Nadi Tribe Immune
9 Kamryn Immune
10 Nick Corinne, Gavin, Jaycee,
Jess, Liam, Nick
Voted out, Day 26
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • He has played a total of 26 days.
  • He, along with Corinne, Joe, Liam, Nick, and Pilar, are the eighth through the thirteenth people to make the merge without attending a pre-merge tribal.

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