Trent is a contestant who has appeared on Palau, All-Stars 3, & Blood vs. Water.


Voting HistoryEdit

Trent's Voting History
Episode Trent's
Voted Against
1 Sonsorol Tribe Immune
2 Sonsorol Tribe Immune
3 Sonsorol Tribe Immune
4 Sonsorol Tribe Immune
5 Sonsorol Tribe Immune
6 Sonsorol Tribe Immune
Sonsorol Tribe Immune
7 Cassie
8 Trey Immune
9 Natalie
10 Kaylee
11 Natalie
Lauren Immune
12 Kaylee Immune
13 Carly Andrea, Carly, Lauren,
Voted Out, Day 34
Voted for
Sole Survivor

All-Stars 3Edit

He returned for the All-Star season where he was placed on Marin.

Voting HistoryEdit

Trent's Voting History
Episode Trent's
Voted Against
1 Marin Tribe Immune
2 Randy
3 Marin Tribe Immune
4 Marin Tribe Immune
Marin Tribe Immune
5 Lexi
6 Ashley
7 Jake
8 Maddie Immune
9 Peter
10 Tim
11 Olivia
12 John
13 Peter
14 Dan
15 Dan
16 Peter Cloey, Olivia, Peter
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Blood vs. WaterEdit

Trent returned again for Blood vs. Water with his brother, Carson.

Voting HistoryEdit

Trent's Voting History
Episode Trent's
Voted Against
1 Granada Tribe Immune
2 Granada Tribe Immune
3 Granada Tribe Immune
4 Danielle
5 Harrison
6 Granada Tribe Immune
7 Somoto Tribe Immune
8 Somoto Tribe Immune
9 Somoto Tribe Immune
10 Somoto Tribe Immune
11 Josh
12 Joey Elizabeth, Joey, Trey
13 Barb
14 Gabby Ana, Barb, Danielle,
Elizabeth, Gabby, John
Voted Out, Day 31
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Over his 3 seasons he has played a total of 102 days.
    • He played his best game in All-Stars 3 where he lasted 37 days and placed 4th.
  • He has been on a green tribe every time he has played.
    • In Palau his starting tribe was green, while in All-Stars 3 & Blood vs. Water he was on a green merged tribe.
  • His pre-merge tribes have been successful as his tribes have been immune for a vote 19 times, and he has only gone to tribal council pre-merge 7 times.
    • His worst pre-merge season [in All-Stars 3] went to tribal council 4 times out of a possible 8.
    • His best pre-merge season [in Palau] went to tribal council only 1 time out of a possible 8 times.
    • His tribe has also been immune from the first tribal council in each season she has played.
  • In all 3 seasons he has competed in, a female has won the game.
    • He has voted for a female in all 3 of his jury votes.
  • Every season he has played fellow contestant, Natalie has also played.
    • Coincidentally they have been on the same tribes every single time.
  • He, along with Natalie, have gone the longest amount of days without going to tribal council, not going to tribal until day 20.
    • This record was later held by Emily from Ghost Island when she did not go to tribal council until day 25.

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